Aged care workers speak to Royal Commission in Adelaide

Aged care workers speak to Royal Commission in Adelaide

Today the Royal Commission into Aged Care will host a Community Forum at Adelaide Town Hall.

The Forum will be overseen by Richard Tracey, one of the Commissioners and will hear from a range of

community members and aged care workers.

United Voice Acting Branch Secretary David Gray said,

“The aged care sector is in crisis. The Royal Commission must listen to aged care workers to find out

what is really happening in this sector. Every day United Voice members struggle to provide the best

quality care to elderly Australians that they can, in the face of ongoing cuts to funding and staffing


Di is a Personal Care Worker at a large residential aged care facility in South Australia.

“The biggest challenge we face is not having enough staff.

“Many people may not be aware of the complex needs we deal with every day. Our high dementia

wards are always under the pump. Many of our residents have disabilities, which means the care needs

of individuals are all different and often require specialist skills.

“We simply do not have enough time to give our older Australians the time and individual attention

they deserve. We need higher minimum staffing levels, and we need them now. Our older Australians

deserve respect and care, not to be treated like numbers on a spreadsheet.

“Today I am asking the Royal Commission to improve staffing levels in our sector, so we can have more

time to care.”