Allity members win new agreement!

Allity members win new agreement!

United Voice members at Allity Aged Care have recently won a new Enterprise Agreement.

Members commenced negotiations with Allity in July last year, after several months of surveying members and identifying priority issues for bargaining.

Julie Takacs has been a United Voice Delegate at Allity since 1994.

“I found this round of negotiations to be a really good experience.

“As a bargaining representative, I was able to visit all of the six Allity worksites regularly, to have really meaningful conversations about what was important to the workers at each site. It thought that was really important for an Agreement that would cover multiple sites.

“During bargaining we were able to achieve a few things that are unique in our industry, such as a precise workload management scheme that provides the opportunity to raise staffing levels issues on a regular basis.

“Workload issues are always a problem for our industry, so this was a really important achievement.

“I hope that other aged care sites are able to follow our example.”

On Monday, 28 January 2019, the ballot to approve your new Agreement returned an overwhelming 97.5% YES vote.

Members won some key improvement working conditions, including:

  • Improved classifications which recognise workers’ qualifications, responsibilities and experience
  • The introduction of a new domestic and family violence leave clause
  • An improved workload management clause
  • Wage increases of 3%, 3% and 2.8% over 3 years

Zelda has been a Delegate at Allity for 3 years.

“The negotiations were hard work. But despite the tough negotiations, we managed to achieve a lot.

“In the end we got a good result for members at Allity.”

The Agreement has now been lodged with the Fair Work Commission.