Barossa Bottling Services

Barossa Bottling Services

12 months ago, there was no union presence at Barossa Bottling Services. Now the majority of workers on site are United Voice members. Tasha Linke volunteered to become the site’s first United Voice Delegate.

“Our work is very physically demanding. We still do a number of processes by hand. That’s why safety is so important.

“We used to have a lot of safety issues. Now because we are all in the union, we can work together to get these issues resolved.

“Things have improved a lot. “Building our union membership has been the key. “By having strong union membership and knowing your rights, you can make your workplace a good place to work. “It’s definitely improved the way we can get issues resolved. We also work closely with our Organiser Boyd, and if there is anything we’re not sure about he can tell us what we BAROSSA BOTTLING SERVICES need to know. “It’s a busy place and most of us are casual.

“I stepped up to become a United Voice Delegate because I thought that someone had to do it. Everyone has been really supportive. “I take the responsibility very seriously: you have to represent everyone at your worksite. “There’s been a real shift since we all joined the union: I feel that we are all working together for the same goals as a group.

“If you have doubts about something at your workplace, then you need to step up and find out what you can do to fix it. Don’t just quietly accept things as they are. Find out what your rights are and what you’re entitled to.”