Casino Member Wins Permanent Job

Casino Member Wins Permanent Job

“As a casual worker in hospitality, your rostered shifts can be very inconsistent. It can depend on the time of year or the availability of extra shifts. Sometimes I was only being rostered on for two shifts a week, which isn’t enough to live on."

“You can sometimes feel powerless as a worker, especially in our industry.

“It’s important to remember that there are rules that can protect you.

“I have had a lot of support . Without the union, I wouldn’t know any of my rights.

“Patrick encouraged me to apply for a Permanent position under our United Voice Enterprise Agreement.

“This was negotiated by United Voice members in our Agreement, allowing casual workers like me to be able to apply for Permanent jobs.

“I was recently made Part Time under Tier 1, meaning I’m guaranteed at least 15 hours a week.

“Even better, I can now plan ahead. I have two days rostered off per week. I don’t have to be on call, or always make myself available to pick up extra shifts to make ends meet.

“It’s been much better for my personal life: My wife plans her days off so that we can spend time together.

“I can also plan to see my friends and to practice with my music club, Lucid Dream. I sing and run the club, and we perform at events for Vietnamese students at Adelaide University and UniSA.

“We’re doing what we love.

“I believe that work/life balance is very important. Everyone needs enough work to be able to pay your bills. But you also need to be able to plan your time with friends and family, and follow your passions.

“My advice to other workers is always to join the union.

“It can be a tough industry, so it’s very important to have the support and information you need from the union.”