Disability SA Members Stop Privatisation

Disability SA Members Stop Privatisation

United Voice members employed by Disability South Australia were recently successful in stopping the privatisation of essential public disability services in South Australia.

In June 2018, the Marshall State Government announced their intention to privatise disability services in supported community accommodation.

This would have had huge repercussions for people living with a disability in South Australia, as well as their families and the workers who support them.

That’s why United Voice members came together with people supported by the service, their friends and families, and the wider community to form the campaign “Keep Disability SA”.

United Voice members and members of the community campaigned, signed petitions, and raised public awareness of the disastrous effects privatisation would have on people supported by the service and the workers who support them.

After months of campaigning, the Government backed down: the Department of Human Services has now advised that they will not be pursuing pursue their proposal to privatise Accommodation Services at this time.

This means that no one living with a disability will be forced out of their supported accommodation, and workers’ conditions and job security will be maintained.

This is a fantastic achievement by everyone who joined the campaign and worked collectively to stop the privatisation of these essential services.