Lighthouse members win new agreement

Lighthouse members win new agreement

United Voice members at Lighthouse Disability have recently won a new Enterprise Agreement after six long years of bargaining.

In 2015 after years of frustrating negotiations, Lighthouse Disability informed United Voice members that they intended to terminate their Enterprise Agreement and cease bargaining altogether.

Members refused to accept this, and leapt into action. They attended meetings, grew their membership strength, and signed documents opposing the termination.

They brought Lighthouse back to the bargaining table through unity and strength in February 2016. But Lighthouse did not meaningfully negotiate.

Instead, Lighthouse failed to submit a log of claims, cancelled two bargaining meetings in a row, and delayed negotiations again and again.

Despite this, United Voice bargaining representatives worked tirelessly to ensure that members’ key conditions of employment were maintained or improved. By November 2017 they had reached agreement on almost all of members’ claims.

Then in November 2017, Lighthouse decided to cease bargaining and terminate members’ Agreement for the second time.

United Voice members knew what to do. They started taking action.

Members attended meetings and spoke out about the need for an Enterprise Agreement.

By speaking to their co-workers about joining their union and working together, Lighthouse members achieved an amazing 95% union membership.

United Voice members stayed strong and showed unity and determination.

Finally after successfully resisting two attempts to terminate our Agreement, members’ new and improved Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission in May 2019.