Michelle Wins Wage Theft Case

Michelle Wins Wage Theft Case

Michelle Deng was employed as an Educator at the West Croydon Academia di Montessori from January to August 2018.

Michelle was a permanent employee, but when she left her job she wasn’t paid any of her accrued annual leave.

In addition, her superannuation had been underpaid throughout her employment.

Although Michelle contacted her employer on multiple occasions, they didn’t pay her what she was owed.

Fortunately, Michelle was a United Voice member.

She contacted the Members Rights Centre who took on her issue.

United Voice representatives corresponded with her former employer and advised them of their obligations. Again and again, the employer failed to pay the amount owing.

The case was then referred to the United Voice legal team, who filed proceedings in December of last year with the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

Michelle’s employer started to pay Michelle what she was owed once this became a legal underpayment case.

Finally Michelle was paid more than $2,300 in unpaid leave and superannuation entitlements.

“It’s hard work to deal with an employer that doesn’t want to pay what you are entitled to.

“It’s unfair that companies try to save money by not paying people properly.

“Having United Voice on my side was really helpful.

“It’s empowering to have someone supporting you, standing up for individual workers and making sure they get what they are owed.

“I’m very thankful to the union office, and I recommend that other workers in my industry are members of United Voice.”