SA Pathology couriers win full time job!

SA Pathology couriers win full time job!

Two United Voice members working at SA Pathology as couriers have recently won full time jobs.

In the last United Voice-negotiated Enterprise Agreement, part time workers won the right to apply for full time roles if they are doing equivalent hours.

Both United Voice members were employed Part Time, but had been rostered on full time hours for more than 12 months.

When they requested to be converted to full time, one application was rejected and the other didn’t even receive a response.

Then in November, they were told that their hours were being cut, because courier services were being outsourced.

This was a clear breach of the Enterprise Agreement, which prohibits further outsourcing of work done by United Voice members.

Both members got in touch with their union.

United Voice represented them in correspondence with their employer.

The union provided evidence of the workers’ regular rostered hours, and the relevant clause in the Agreement that allowed part time workers to convert to full time in their situation.

In light of this evidence, SA Pathology conceded.

One member said, “United Voice helped me to be heard, and to hold my employer accountable to our Enterprise Agreement.”

Both workers were made Full Time as of 27 November 2018.

SA Pathology even acknowledged that “this should not have occurred.”

If you are unsure about any of your entitlements, contact your union.